Zurab Kviriashvili Vineyards

The small family owned “Zurab Kviriashvili Vineyards” was founded in 2002 by Zurab Kviriashvili.  Located in the centre of the Alazani Valley, 7-9 km to the right of the Alazani River in the city of Telavi.
Since 2003 In Telavi, Zurab Kviriashvili started construction of the wine cellar, which has 12 Qvevri vessels with a quantity of 9 tons.
The company has Rkatsiteli and Saperavi vineyards in the villageს of Kurdgelauri, Shalauri  and Ardana in Telavi Region.
In 2018 the new vineyard of Kisi, Khikhvi, Mtsvane and Saperavi grape plantlets were planted in 1,5 ha in Telavi Region.
The company has been producing Qvevri wines since 2014 in accordance to the Georgian traditional method.
The wines of "Zurab Kviriashvili Vineyards" have been obtained awards on various international symposiums and exhibitions.
In 2018, the wines of LLC "Zurab Kviriashvili Vineyards" were presented at EXPOVINA at the Swiss exhibition. Wines of "Zurab Kviriashvili Vineyards" Ltd were exported in Switzerland, Austria and Malta.
In 2012, Zurab Kviriashvili created the first Qvevri type label, which is used for the company's products.